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Cattle feed fence

The cattle feed fence is one of a range of livestock equipment that makes it easier to manage the feeding alley. An effective and robust device, it contributes to a better balance of feed rations between cows and offers many advantages to the farmer. Made from quality materials and designed with the well-being and safety of your animals in mind, the products in our cattle feed fence catalogue promise a reliable installation for your farm.

What is a cattle fence?

A cattle fence is a device that keeps cows in front of the feed alley during feeding. A specific barrier, the panel of which is placed between the animals' living area and their troughs, to regulate access to the feeding table and ensure that every bovine has a place.

This type of system is essential to prevent competition between cows at feeding time. The places designated by each neck allow the cattle to access their ration calmly and individually. The self-locking system of these barriers simplifies the farmer's work, ensuring that each animal receives its ration every day.

Certain veterinary treatments can also be administered more easily, thanks to a safe environment for both cows and humans.